Frequently Asked Questions.

Patient Registration

You can register through the dAppto app. You will need an iPhone or an Android device to install the app. Then from the login screen you can go to the registration screen in the app.

Please check you spam folder sometimes the registration confirmation email may go to the spam folder.

Booking Appointment

Yes in the booking screen select the option "This booking is not for me" and you will be provided and option to fill the details of the patient when you book.

Processing means we have received the appointment request but we are trying to contact the practice to confirm the appointment. This generally takes only few seconds but sometimes the practice may have internet issue and may take longer. Processing means we are still trying

Timeout means we have tried contacting the practice various times but the practice may have internet issue and we have given up. Timeout generally means most likely the appointment was not made

Conflict means that by the time the appointment request was sent someone else was booked at that time and therefore you can try an make another appointment at another time.

Service Provider

Please go Here and fill the contact form and we will contact you